Monday, December 14, 2009

Persuasion techniques to use for link building

When asking for links to millions of webmasters, writing emails and leaving comments hoping to get noticed, and being rejected 999 out of 1000 times, you can get a little frustrated.

In order to be better at this, you need to learn some techniques that make people (and webmasters/bloggers alike) be more open to accepting your requests. A very simple example is to give first without expecting to receive. That means, link regularly, and let them know about it Without asking them to link back.

According to psychology, giving creates many reactions in the other person: they feel compelled to maintain the balance by giving back, they trust you more as you haven't asked for benefit back from them, and also they kinda like you more, and thus are more likely to take your offer on a link exchange in the future.

Also, if you can convince them that your site is link worthy, they will link back. To do this, there's no need to show them reports or anything, just an endorsement in comments or a testimonials page from others can help you a great deal. This plays on the herd mentality of people, that makes us more prone to doing the things others are already doing.

Freebies also help to get action from others, like when you offer a free ebook or just point to a good resource, one that the other blogger will also find useful, can help create trust, trust you can benefit from in the near future.

Learning about these psychological principles is very helpful not only in understanding what makes others want to link to you, but also to help you in many other areas of your life, such as negotiation, convincing your kids to do chores, etc..

Good luck, and see you around.

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