Monday, December 14, 2009

How to write when your mind is blank

Having a case of writer's block is one of the most annoying things to have as a blogger, it stops you from creating new content that can help you build your income, readership and links. So what to do when you can't write? write about exactly that, just like I am now.

Why does that help? because it gets it out of your head, since when you can't write, that is the only thing in your mind. Exploring your thought when writing about your writer's block can help you identify exactly what you want to really write about.

For example, I'm thinking about writing some stuff on persuasion and some interesting psychological principles people use to get you to do stuff, but haven't been able to because I couldn't get started thanks to a block I had about how to start the article. The thing is, I really didn't know what would become of this very post, I just knew I needed to start writing in order to get my ideas flowing, and that's exactly what happened.

There are many causes for a blank mind, which most likely isn't blank at all, just blank about the topic you feel you need to post about. Top reasons include a worry (at home, at work or at blog), wear from writing about the same topic for quite some time, and also because you think too much about what you want your article to become.

A technique that has, and is working for me, is to just get an overall idea of what you want your article to be about. At this point don't worry about what points you are going to include, if you really have interest in the topic, your flow of ideas will take the article in the appropriate direction.

You see, I have just conquered my writer's block, and given you a great advice on how to get to writing. Now I'm off to writing that persuasion article I was talking about, now that my ideas are flowing, it should be well on its way to be a great article.

Good luck, see you around.

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